JM Associates

Effective Design - Quality Craftsmanship - Onsite Services

Our Rates

Project Management and Consulting $75/hr.
Design and Production
Graphic Design $75/hr.
Exhibit Design $75/hr.
Carpenter Labor $75/hr.
Warehouse Labor $50/hr.
Graphic Production
Graphic production bid to three (3) suppliers. Resellers prices marked-up 20%
Field Services
Standard fees for ordering, prepaying and auditing
*100% prepayment of estimated charges required.
20% markup* (minimum $400)
Design Bid Fees
100 SQ.FT --- 300 SQ.FT$750
301 SQ.FT --- 600 SQ.FT$1,000
601 SQ.FT --- 900 SQ.FT$1,500
901 SQ.FT --- 1,600 SQ.FT$2,500
1,601 + SQ.FT.By Quote
Other terms and conditions apply in order for us to participate in a bid.
Call your sales person to learn more.
On-site Supervision
On-site Supervision  $600/day
Travel Days and Local Shows $300/day
Per Diem for Meals  $100
Transportation, hotel and other travel expenses  Billed at Cost
$.17 per cu. ft. For active clients
$.20 per cu. ft. For non-active clients
Outbound $5/cwt
Inbound $5/cwt
24/7 "Real Person" Contact N/C
Solid Business Ethics N/C
Lunch when you visit N/C